Low Cardiovascular Disease Awareness In Chilean Women

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July 15, 2020
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In this section we postulate that the Amunátegui decree was an example of the meeting of modernity and custom attribute of the nineteenth century, and that this decree was very important for the forming of the citizenship of this new nation. Claiming that one is above the opposite would result in a reductionist discussion that might not be of use to the understanding of our past. The “battle” between tradition and modernity led to a compromise between both, where both traditional and modern elements survive.

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In this report, she insisted her work would be much simpler if the Council resolved “about some new examine program planned for the strong training of girls, which might be carried out in my college, meeting all demands precisely”36. In the session of December twenty ninth, the Council listened to the conclusions of Vargas Fontecilla after his visit to the varsity of doña Isabel. The dean said that “as for the best of ladies to take exams , there are, in my judgment, no reasons to deny it to them”37.

Society would be immensely benefited by the growth of woman’s illustration, as she is the center of family, the idea of all social group. As for the comfort for girls, they have to determine it themselves, as a result of, Lira states, “in this, as in all analogous issues, the proper resolution is the considered one of freedom”.

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A few traces stated that “after some discussions, it was agreed to inform the Minister of Education that the Council sees no inconvenience for girls to aspire to obtain college degrees”23. He had had to go away his publish in august 1873 due to the controversy created by the decree of freedom of exams that had made it easier for Tarragó to send her request.

After explaining the need for ladies for example themselves, Lira analyses the feasibility for ladies to develop professionally. From a authorized perspective, there is no impediment, Lira states, as “our laws doesn’t prohibit women to study to become a lawyer, doctor chilean women, or other liberal skilled”27. If there isn’t any impediment for girls to apply scientific professions , it is relevant to answer if it is convenient, both for society and for girls, to have women receive a higher training.

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The delay was because of the giant workload of the Council and it needed to be mentioned once more on another date. In the data of the session of November 14th, which informs of the educator’s demand, it’s written that she asks the Council to “launch a report requested months in the past by the Ministry of Education”22.

Before the Ministry’s answer arrived, on November 22nd, 5 sessions after the studying of Tarragó’s request, the educator sent a doc to the university Council in which she detailed the classes that were given in her establishment19. But Cifuentes hadn’t answered yet, so no determination was taken concerning the concern. Only on December 11th document 2409 was sent to the Council, during which the Minister mentioned that “before issuing a decision about this subject, the federal government desires to know the opinion of the University Council”. He requested the Council to analyze the issue and then to despatched its decision to the Ministry20. This ministerial document was learn within the session of December thirteenth, however the dialogue “was left pending”21.

On the opposite hand, we expect that a detailed account of the details surrounding the varsity directors requests and the signing of the Amunátegui decree, will be a contribution to the history of female schooling, as there is no bibliography that reconstructs this process. The Anales de la Universidad de Chile have been vital for our investigation. The sessions of the University Council recorded in these texts allowed us to know the event of those requests step by step8.

Again, an already settled subject was discussed (as we’ve already seen in relation with Tarragó’s initiative). Besides, this topic had already been communicated, in its time, to the Minister of Education. However, doña Isabel didn’t hand over and complying with the petition of Vargas Fontecilla, sent the Council an in depth report of the state of her institution on December 28th35, explaining how she deliberate to adjust to teach all of the required humanities programs.

However, no resolution was taken, “as it’s late, the session was adjourned, leaving the prior issue pending”38. There was no cause to lose coronary heart, because the Council only had to dictate a decision about one thing the members already appeared to agree upon, in favor of the request of Le Brun. During the following sessions the problem wasn’t even talked about and then the Council took summer season holidays till March. Lira postulates that women must not depart their intelligence uncultivated, “as a result of God, who has not done ineffective things, has not endowed them with intelligence to have them use it just for frivolousness”.

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